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Hide details for CSI ViewpartCSI Viewpart
JKEY8SKMXWFixes error: "Notes Cannot Process Your File. The Content Of This Url Does Not Conform To The Icalendar Parsing Specification." when an iCal file is...
Hide details for DaosDaos
VPRS99UPQQFixes intermittent Domino Server DAOSMgr crash during DAOS catalog resync when the file path exceeds 256 characters.
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
ZKUN9EBJW5Fixes semaphore error messages received on server start, after DOAS is started.
JPAI9G7NP2Fixes issue where under certain DBMT run configurations, the updall processing was not happening because compacts of very large databases were taking...
YBJG9JAAZ5Fixes issue where document locking doesn't work when the group name is a substring of the user name that is doing the locking.
YDEN9JMJEMFixes issue where deletes fail when soft deletes are enabled & the trash is at the 32K limit due to Document has been deleted error.
FTZG7RL8E6Addressed a potential IBM i Domino server crash in joblog raise from procedure CvrtToEbcdic in module PRINT_A.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
CAHT959LQG Fixes issue where complex LDAP search filter returns no results. The fix for this issue could introduce a performance degradation when there are...
DANG8PCJH6Fixes issue where an auto-populated group will not
include the alphabetically last people in the Domino directory if there are response docs to...
JPAI9FEKCPFixes Notes Client issue where if a local NAMELookup cache has been created it is inappropriately being used as opposed to doing the NAMELookup on...
Hide details for EditorEditor
BHUY8WHF7VFixed a client crash that would occur when encountering a corrupted paragraph or table.
AJAN9657JM Fixes a navigation issue that would highlight a different inbox mail message switching between Notes and another application using ...
JKAE8YQDEWFixes issue where a message entry gets created in the trash folder whenever an eml file that was saved from the Notes Client, is...
TITH9BQDZFFixes issue where the "Name" field of the print dialog is blank if the default printer driver has DBCS name. This is a regression in...
SSZG7H3HBHFixes an intermittent issue that prevented dragging big attachments from Notes to the operating system Desktop.
Hide details for Files IntegrationFiles Integration
MLAT9HRNGAFixes issue where files that are linked in iNotes mail cannot be shared on non English locale.
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
MMAS8SJL4MFixes issue where the FTI on large DB ( 65GB DAOS'd logical size ) is getting
errcode = 607 when a second instance of indexer is running to update...
MRSU96D887Fixes issue where if the index on a large database, whose key file(.ft\ftgi\Fullmain\gtr.KEY) reaches 4G, error codes 2247/2251/503 appear in the...
Hide details for HotfixHotfix
MLAT9GRJ8EResolves "Error 1931. The Windows Installer service cannot update the system file" when installing a hotfix/Fixpack. Instead of updating the...
Hide details for HTTPHTTP
GFUR8T4PCBFixes intermittent Domino Server http crash on Shimmerdirectorylist.Memset call.
JCHS9ERSZEFixes intermittent Domino Server crash on http task due to iNotes stale cookies. This is a regression in 9.0.


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